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Great new CD from Cat Hope (Avant-Classical)


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A good evening

For those in Brisbane, Australia this should be an exciting evening of musical activity:A good evening

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New from Inkblot Publications: Theo Green and Bob Cobbing


theo green
typewriter poems 1983
9 black & white and colour
reproductions from early inkblot daze
reproduced on 100 lb cardstock
limited to 15 copies in stiff folder

bob cobbing
‘scorch scores’ and ‘in line’
from astound & risible (inkblot 1987)
12 black & white reproductions
on 100 lb cardstock
limited to 15 copies

available from aftermath books

providence, rhode island

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We at xochi publications were lucky enough to interview Daevid Allen for xochi23 vol 1 (which has since become devilishly scarce).  He talked about everything from finding Sun Ra records in Melbourne in the early 60’s, his time with Gysin and Burroughs at the ‘Beat Hotel’ and of course his work on the BYG Actuel Series with GONG and affiliates.  Like a lot at xochi publications, Theo Green of Inkblot Publications played a major hand in turning us on to the work of Daevid so it is our pleasure to present Theo Green’s remembering David Allen.

a few thoughts on daevid allen, gong, and ‘those daze’….

just got back from mexico and the fone rang. it was the milvia
son folk. daevid allen is dead they said. i knew he had six months
to live. a month here or there…..he was resigned to it.

in 1973 i discovered a rather groovy record store in sacramento of all
places. simultaneously, i was listening to some ‘new’ records, particularly
amon duul II and can. i was 17. gradually, i came to know the owner of
the record store, which was called ‘record exchange’. (an upgrade from
x records, which it had been known as in a previous incarnation)
eventually, he moved the record store from whichever street it was
on over to the mall. i began filling in on saturday afternoons so tom
could eat lunch &. tom darling. later of the twinkeyz. uh, i would like to
talk to him again. if any of you could track him down!

when tom knew of my kraut rock interests, he insisted i also listen
to GONG. of course. and thus my first exposure to that wonderful
world of daevid allen & gong. ‘angels egg’ was the first one.
around the same time, i became interested in JAZZ. and the best jazz
records were on BYG ACTUEL out of france. the label also issued the
first 3 records by DAEVID ALLEN AND GONG. they weren’t credited
as such, but we all knew what was what… MAGICK BROTHER, BANANA
MOON, and CAMEMBERT ELECTRIQUE. holy shit!! some pretty groovy
stuff, eh??

and gong became a favourite.

years passed. i followed daevid however one followed folk in those pre-
internet daze. the records never aged. they still sound great.
even better.

1996 rolls around and GONG were taking their 25th anniversary scene
out to frisko. great american music hall. ullsperger wanted to go, pirate
didnt, leon did…and it was a great show. drinking cointreau in the balcony
and hearing the great GONG music from the trilogy and more!
as if time hadnt passed.
a brief word with bloomdido bad de grasse in the foyer!

we all knew about daevid allen. he had named THE SOFT MACHINE,
from the burroughs classic. he lived in THE BEAT HOTEL circa 1960-1961
at the same time burroughs and brion gysin were there.
‘brion was my neighbour’ he told me in berkeley years later.

fade to autumn 2003 and daevid is playing with the ‘university of errors’
at starry plough in berkeley. we talk for awhile before the show and i give
him a copy of brion gysin STORIES, which inkblot published all those years
ago in ’84.

and later in australia, december of ’04 finds me in australia. i call daevid.
‘whats up’?? my hosts drove me down to byron bay….a joy to talk with
daevid again about all & everything. he needed some krissmess money.
i bought many CDs. and left him smiling.

get those GONG records out, folks. those ones from the early 70s….even
the live ones…..



Jack Sargeant’s new book on the multiple influences of William S Burroughs and various aspects of the wider Burroughs’ Universe is just out!
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AGAINST CONTROL by Jack Sargeant
Against Control collects together a selection of essays by author Jack Sargeant that explore the multiple influences of William S Burroughs and various aspects of the wider Burroughs’ Universe. In these essays aspects of Burroughs’ work, and especially his speculative ideas, are presented through their intersections with sound, with imagined histories, and with mythologies. Incorporating ideas from the philosophies of libertarian pirates to Brion Gysin and Ian Sommerville’s Dreamachine, from the space program and science fiction literature to the Master Musicians of Joujouka, and all points in between. These pages offer jumping off-points and strategies for new ideas and points of research.
Against Control is released in a standard 97 pages hard-cover version and a strictly limited special edition of 23 copies is available. With a handprinted picture suitable for framing by Belinda Sinclair, the edition is signed and numbered by Jack Sargeant.
Standard edition will start shipping on December 1th.
Limited edition will start shipping on December 23th.…/against-control

Inkblot Publications


Farewell, Monsieur Gaston
by Nikolai Grozni
Farewell, Monsieur Gaston is a Dionysian mystery in which every character is also an actor, and each actor is a guest from another, hidden play, where all paths are circular and appearances are but a ruse by a primordial trickster-demiurge. Set up as an Athenian tragedy complete with a skene, a chorus leader, a chorus of manic bacchants, and an audience, the novel uncloaks a sunless, grotesquely violent realm and tracks the journey of an ill-fated Hero robbed of his most prized possession: his self.

nikolai-grozni-aftermath-booksNikolai Grozni began training to become a classical pianist at the age of five. He won his first piano award in Salerno, Italy, when he was ten, and continued winning awards and performing until his untimely dismissal from the music high school in his native Sofia. He moved to Boston to study jazz and composition at Berklee College of Music, but, having set his sights on the pursuit of the transmundane, he suddenly left for India to become a Buddhist monk and study at the Institute of Buddhist Dialectics in Dharamsala. Five years later he disrobed and returned to Sofia, ostensibly to focus on his writing. Since then Grozni has published five novels and one memoir, received an MFA from Brown University, and worked on his photography, all the while traveling in triangles between Bulgaria, France and the US. Farewell, Monsieur Gaston is his latest novel.

Books will be available in the US June 12th.
$25 + $5 shipping paypal, cash, check, money order

212 Pages
Books by Burroughs
Contributions to Books and Anthologies
Contributions to Magazines and Journals
Articles and Books about Burroughs
Miscellaneous Print Items
Related Works

Now Available

William S. Burrough’s
A Collectors Guide
by Eric C. Shoaf
Praise for Eric Shoaf’s
Burroughs Collectors Guide

“I can’t tell you how many hours I’ve spent poring over Eric Shoaf’s book with envy, not to mention the number of times I’ve consulted it for confirmation of this or that edition or to prove or disprove the existence of some small press item. It is an essential guide for any serious William S. Burroughs collector or scholar, and a necessary reference for any self-respecting 21st century bookman.”
— Michael Stevens, author of THE ROAD TO INTERZONE

“Whether you’re a seasoned collector or only about to build your collection, Shoaf’s guide will be a truly indispensable one. Most accurately researched and competently compiled, this is a welcome alternative to the outdated Maynard & Miles.”
— Niels E. Hansen, collector and gentleman

“The depth and breadth of this research is simply staggering! A must-have tome for any collector of Burroughs and Beat writers material.”
— Doug Hinman, editor and publisher

“Shoaf’s collector’s guide, like the earlier 2000 edition, is destined to become a collector’s item itself. As with Maynard & Miles and the descriptive bibliography, it is an indispensable resource and a fascinating read for Burroughs scholars, collectors, and fans as well as bibliophiles in general. Essential for anybody collecting Burrough’s men’s magazine appearances or just about anything else by Burroughs in print.”
— Jed Birmingham, researcher and historian

“Eric Shoaf’s earlier work has long been a standard bibliographic reference for the publications of William S. Burroughs. Unfortunately, because only 200 copies of that edition were printed, its utility has been unappreciated for far too long. Dealers, curators, librarians, collectors, scholars, and other Burroughs aficionados should rejoice that a new, revised, and expanded edition is being made available.”
— Brian Cassidy, Bookseller, Beat writer specialist, member ABAA

living with islam
Living with Islam

by Brion Gysin

This recently discovered manuscript from Gysin, written in 1952, is as relevant today or more so than when it was written. A superb account of the intricacies and philosophy of Muslims and the Islamic world.

marrakech by aeroplane
To Marrakech by Aeroplane

by Stephen Davis

Old time Morocco hand Davis returns to the fabled “red city” of Marrakech after a 20 year absence for a much needed holiday in spring 2008. A delightful account of Marrakech as it embraces the 21st century.

tennessee william in bangkok
Tennessee Williams in Bangkok

by Eddie Woods

A playwright, a journalist, and a stunningly beautiful drag-queen prostitute. In this fascinating memoir, Eddie Woods brings all three together. And along the way graces us with countless insights into the heart and mind of one of America’s greatest dramatists. Even while paying homage to his beloved Kim, the most unique of his many lovers. As well as regaling us with numerous other tales of his more than two years in the City of Angels. Wherever he is, Tennessee Williams is smiling at this book. Now you can smile with him.

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william burroughs local stop nova express
William Burroughs / Local Stop on the Nova Express

by Stephen Davis

Long-lost interview with author William S. Burroughs, never reprinted since its first appearance in The Real Paper in 1974. Introduction treats Burroughs’ life and work. Part 3 is an overview of the discussion between Burroughs and Jimmy Page printed in Crawdaddy in 1975. Author/interviewer is noted rock biographer and journalist Stephen Davis, known for his books on Led Zeppelin, Jim Morrison, The Rolling Stones, Bob Marley, Aerosmith, et al.

Buy Now / Look Inside

williams burroughs unforgettable characters
William S. Burroughs’ Unforgettable Characters: Lola “La Chata” & Bernabé Jurado

by Michael Spann

A riveting account of William S. Burroughs years Mexico from 1949-1952.

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Great new Burroughs’ title from Inkblot Publications

Great new Burroughs’ title from Inkblot Publications


Inkblot Publications out of Providence are really back in the publishing game.  Long time publishers of Brion Gysin, FA Nettelbeck as well as a host of others, Inkblot, has just released a new title about William S. Burroughs.  It is an unpublished interview with Burroughs by rock critic Stephen Davis (Hammer of the Gods, Old Gods Almost Dead etc) From 1974, it reads superbly and is bookended with a couple of essays which will have all Burroughs watchers  thrilled to bits.   

Great to get to get this feedback about this new feedback.  Firstly, James Grauerholz, Burroughs friend and executor of his literary estate said in a personal communication Yes, I LOVE the Unforgettable Characters book! It is wonderful.

James Pennington who was behind the Burroughs text ‘White Subway’ (included in the ‘Burroughs File’- City Lights Books also said: 

btw I just received and read my copy of the Inkblot edition. An absolute jewel of a book – set in a solid mount of rich background information and sparkling with footnotes. I wish more books had the same attention to detail and such a clear love of design, print and paper.

Great feedback from those in the know.  Nab a copy now from

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Great review on revised edition of Unforgettable Characters.

For customers outside the USA please contact Aftermath at to get a rate on shipping.   

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New Lee Ranaldo Exhibition

Great new Lee Ranaldo art exhibit.  If you are in the neighbourhood check it out

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