Posted by: xochipublications | February 4, 2010

Second edition of William S. Burroughs’ Unforgettable Characters slated for summer 2010.

The devilishly rare and wildly expensive (check on book dealers’ web sites) ‘William S. Burroughs Unforgettable Characters: Lola la Chata y Bernabe Jurado’ is getting a facelift.  The original edition (which was limited to 123 copies) and featured a previously unpublished piece by Burroughs on Bernabe Jurado (the rogue of a lawyer who helped Burroughs when he shot his wife, Joan, in the infamous ‘William Tell’ incident) will be expanded to include new information on Burroughs’ time in Mexico; his relationship to the drug dealer and folk hero Lola la Chata; new photos and also essays by such noted ‘beat’ scholars as Jack Sargeant (who wrote the definitive study of ‘beats’ on film: ‘Naked Lens Beat Cinema’), amongst others.  For those in the antipodes contact or in Europe or America contact



  1. I want to buy the book ‘William S. Burroughs Unforgettable Characters: Lola la Chata y Bernabe Jurado’.
    Could you tell me please how can I get it?.
    thanks in advance.
    Albino Alvarez
    Mexico DF

    • Snr. Alvarez: Thanks for the enquiry. We are currently negotiating with an American publisher about the second edition. Unfortunately, the first edition seems to be unavailable and you may be able to find a copy on the web but it is going to be absurdly expensive. We only have a couple of copies in our archive. I will give you updates on the second edition and when we have a more definite publication date. I hope DF is treating you well. It has been a decade or so since I have been there but we will get back one day.
      Many Thanks for the enquiry and sorry I could not have been more help.
      Best Wishes,
      Marisa Giorgi

      • Hi Marisa,
        Thanks for your reply…uf, what a pity!.
        and do you know if i can get the book in DF?…
        I mean, in a library?…
        DF is, so,so…the country at all. Bus always has a good weather!
        also the best for you
        Albino Alvarez

      • Snr Alvarez: Looks like an American publisher Inkblot will be doing a revised and expanded edition in August/September. They are in contact at
        Hope this helps a little and all is good in DF.

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