Posted by: xochipublications | June 26, 2010

xochi23 volume three

The long awaited third volume of xochi 23 is in final stages before heading to the printer -yes we prefer that time honoured method- and we are getting most excited about it.  For a quick heads up a some of the contents include an interview with Carl Weissner who, whilst being best known as Bukowski and Burroughs’ German translator was himself at the bleeding edge of the ‘little mags’ and literary scene in the mid to late 60’s.  Renowned artist and loveable rogue, Theo Green conducted this searching, informative, and at times, hilarious interview.  Other interviews include the German saxophone maestro, Peter Brötzmann, whom we caught up pre and post his Australian tour in May, whilst another monster saxophonist Mats Gustafsson illuminates us his 10 essential European jazz/improv LPs … Other tasty morsels include Jon Carlson diving into the murky waters of Brion Gysin/Paul Bowles musique concrete piece: The Pool; Tam Patton running his devilish eye over the darkest recesses of comix history and avant garde bluesman Mike Cooper putting the spread of the slide guitar under his microscope.  Stay tuned as more details will be posted as they come to hand.


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