Posted by: xochipublications | April 14, 2012

xochi23 vol 3

xochi23 vol 3

Copies will be sent to distributors and subscribers next week. With contributions by Jack Sargeant, Jurgen Ploog, Theo Green, Stephen Davis and Mats Gustafsson this edition is chock full of goodness. Interviews with Peter Brotzmann and Carl Weissner (RIP) round out the issue. Where else can you find a journal that skips from the fabled red city of Marrakech to the synthesis of art and boxing exemplified by Arthur Cravan and Jack Johnson then back to exploring the seismic cultural waves of fifty years of Naked Lunch? 60 pages, perfect bound. The first 100 issues come with a Moroccan Ronda playing card.



  1. Hello! How can I have all of your three issues? (dropping by isn’t an option, as I live in Greece…) – please, email me – THANX!!!

  2. or in the united states?

    • Kyote: Easiest way to get them in the states is to email out of Rhode Island as they are the US distributors. Thanks for the enquiry and if you have any problems, please do not hesitate to contact us.

      • fantastik. thank you.

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