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We at xochi publications were lucky enough to interview Daevid Allen for xochi23 vol 1 (which has since become devilishly scarce).  He talked about everything from finding Sun Ra records in Melbourne in the early 60’s, his time with Gysin and Burroughs at the ‘Beat Hotel’ and of course his work on the BYG Actuel Series with GONG and affiliates.  Like a lot at xochi publications, Theo Green of Inkblot Publications played a major hand in turning us on to the work of Daevid so it is our pleasure to present Theo Green’s remembering David Allen.

a few thoughts on daevid allen, gong, and ‘those daze’….

just got back from mexico and the fone rang. it was the milvia
son folk. daevid allen is dead they said. i knew he had six months
to live. a month here or there…..he was resigned to it.

in 1973 i discovered a rather groovy record store in sacramento of all
places. simultaneously, i was listening to some ‘new’ records, particularly
amon duul II and can. i was 17. gradually, i came to know the owner of
the record store, which was called ‘record exchange’. (an upgrade from
x records, which it had been known as in a previous incarnation)
eventually, he moved the record store from whichever street it was
on over to the mall. i began filling in on saturday afternoons so tom
could eat lunch &. tom darling. later of the twinkeyz. uh, i would like to
talk to him again. if any of you could track him down!

when tom knew of my kraut rock interests, he insisted i also listen
to GONG. of course. and thus my first exposure to that wonderful
world of daevid allen & gong. ‘angels egg’ was the first one.
around the same time, i became interested in JAZZ. and the best jazz
records were on BYG ACTUEL out of france. the label also issued the
first 3 records by DAEVID ALLEN AND GONG. they weren’t credited
as such, but we all knew what was what… MAGICK BROTHER, BANANA
MOON, and CAMEMBERT ELECTRIQUE. holy shit!! some pretty groovy
stuff, eh??

and gong became a favourite.

years passed. i followed daevid however one followed folk in those pre-
internet daze. the records never aged. they still sound great.
even better.

1996 rolls around and GONG were taking their 25th anniversary scene
out to frisko. great american music hall. ullsperger wanted to go, pirate
didnt, leon did…and it was a great show. drinking cointreau in the balcony
and hearing the great GONG music from the trilogy and more!
as if time hadnt passed.
a brief word with bloomdido bad de grasse in the foyer!

we all knew about daevid allen. he had named THE SOFT MACHINE,
from the burroughs classic. he lived in THE BEAT HOTEL circa 1960-1961
at the same time burroughs and brion gysin were there.
‘brion was my neighbour’ he told me in berkeley years later.

fade to autumn 2003 and daevid is playing with the ‘university of errors’
at starry plough in berkeley. we talk for awhile before the show and i give
him a copy of brion gysin STORIES, which inkblot published all those years
ago in ’84.

and later in australia, december of ’04 finds me in australia. i call daevid.
‘whats up’?? my hosts drove me down to byron bay….a joy to talk with
daevid again about all & everything. he needed some krissmess money.
i bought many CDs. and left him smiling.

get those GONG records out, folks. those ones from the early 70s….even
the live ones…..




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